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What To Expect

Watch the animation below for a brief rundown of what to expect of the procedure

If after an image-guided biopsy, you are deemed a good candidate for FLA, you will be scheduled for your procedure in our Laser Prostate Centers of America office in Houston, Texas.

Of course, if you are scheduled, you will speak directly with our care team for pre-op instructions who will answer any questions you may have prior to your procedure.

Our goal is to make patients feel comfortable and make an informed decision while providing the highest level of quality and care.

Here’s what you can expect at your appointment:

Step 1:

Sedation administered by an anesthesiologist through an intravenous catheter (IV) in the arm

Step 2:

If needed, urinary catheter placed which may be used for cooled urethral saline protection (CUSP)

Step 3:

Patient made comfortable in MRI machine lying facedown

Step 4:

Local anesthesia is given around the prostate gland and the small probe device is placed in the rectum

Step 5:

MRI sends real-time images to physician and care team

Step 6:

Once tumor is localized, the 1.6mm laser fiber is inserted into the tumor using MRI guidance

Step 7:

The temperature of the adjacent tissues is monitored closely to ensure they aren’t damaged. This is what helps increase the safety of the procedure and decreases the potential side effects. The temperature near the rectum, urinary sphincter and erectile nerves is monitored closely by the physician and care team.

Step 8:

Contrast is administered to confirm successful ablation of targeted tumor

Step 9:

Patient is given post-procedure care information and a follow-up care management plan

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