///Dr. Wheeler discusses MRI and prostate biopsy

Dr. Wheeler discusses MRI and prostate biopsy

Thomas M. Wheeler, MD, is the pathology partner for Laser Prostate Centers of America. He is chair of the Department of Pathology & Immunology at Baylor College of Medicine and an internationally recognized expert in the pathology of the prostate gland. He has published more than 300 scientific papers, most of which deal with prostate issues. He is on the scientific board of the non-profit organization – Admetech, which has goals of supporting prostate ca awareness and supporting research to find new treatments. Dr. Wheeler is the referee to review prostate biopsies done elsewhere when they are referred to Laser Prostate Centers of America.

When asked about the diagnostic advances in prostate cancer, Dr. Wheeler answered:

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) has been a major advance in prostate imaging with considerable increased sensitivity and specificity over older techniques such as trans-rectal ultrasound. With the enhanced ability to detect and biopsy suspicious areas of the prostate using MRI, the clinician/radiologist can increase the detection of clinically significant cancers while decreasing the likelihood of sampling clinically insignificant cancers that may never be of harm to the patient yet problematic for the patient when detected. Accurate localization of significant cancers can enable localized (focal treatment of the prostate) treatment of specific areas of concern rather than the entire prostate, thus decreasing the morbidity associated with whole gland treatment.

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