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New study shows regret associated with aggressive treatments

A new study of almost one thousand men showed that men who chose to undergo aggressive treatment for prostate cancer including radical prostatectomy and radiation therapy are likely to have regrets regarding these choices. In fact, 15% of men in the study were regretful of their treatment decisions. One way to combat such an issue is with education and awareness so that patients are equipped with and aware of the options.

Laser Prostate Centers of America aims to help patients understand all their options before selecting a treatment plan that is right for the patient. What is more, with newer focal therapies including focal laser ablation (FLA) for prostate cancer treatment, patients do not have to choose between aggressive treatment and active surveillance. Focal therapy is a good option for patients with low grade cancer who aren’t satisfied with “wait and see” but don’t want to undergo aggressive treatment that could likely be worse than doing nothing at all.

This study is a good reminder and sheds light on how important it is as a patient to be well-informed, to ask questions, challenge the norm, and to do research. This is relevant beyond the treatment of prostate cancer and is applicable to most any health issue. It is critical to seek information and arm oneself to make the most educated decisions.

Read the full article and study results here.

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