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MRI may lower costs for prostate cancer treatment

A recent study presents yet another great advantage to MRI-guided procedures. While advanced imaging may appear to be cost-prohibitive at first, using MRI early on to evaluate prostate cancer can not only spare patients from having invasive transrectal ultrasound (TRUS) biopsies, but can also save health care costs for patients, health plans and hospitals.

In a previous post by Carlos R. Hamilton III, M.D., he discussed how 40% of clinically significant tumors are missed using the TRUS biopsy method and how advances in multi parametric MRI (mpMRI) for clinically significant prostate cancer can lead to higher success rates of targeted biopsies than TRUS while avoiding unnecessary biopsies and treatment for clinically insignificant lesions. And, if that isn’t alarming enough in itself, the cost for prostate cancer care in the U.S. is estimated at $10 billion due to inferior biopsy and treatment methods that are widely used.

Save yourself the pain, risk of complications and money by reading the full article here and understanding the multitude of advantages to early imaging for prostate cancer for patients and the health system alike.

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